Sekka as a brand started in 2005 with the renovation of a pension in the lower Hirafu pension village into a sophisticated restaurant and bar restaurant. The restaurant was cutting edge at the time and the design elements implemented by Shouya Grigg the mastermind behind the Sekka brand became sought after by many of the people who were discovering the magic of the Niseko area, this demand saw the brand growing and expanding into a vast portfolio of different styles of architecture.

Sekka as a brand is a promise of vision, quality and a delivery of reality and a connection to the surroundings that is often impossible to create. When you walk into a Sekka property you are instantly grounded to the surroundings and able to connect on a deeper level. Sekka now not only provides consulting and design services, the Sekka team can deliver everything from concept to landscaping and much more.

For your next commercial project or residential project, consult the Sekka Team and invest in a different level of quality and share in the vision.