Shouya has always been fascinated with light, space, angles, view orientation. It is this fascination with these elements that drew him to becoming a photographer and a design creative. He becomes deeply connected with each space or building he is working on, observing its orientation and the way in which daylight affects and changes it.

Often sketching and talking through his ideas with the tradesmen, he creates and develops stunning architecture, interiors, furnishings and complimenting landscapes.

Shouya’s training was partially obtained through his childhood experiences and growing up. Learning the practical side of renovation from his parents, inspired him to get an Arts degree at University after which he decided to visit Japan and decided to stay.

Japan has greatly influenced him both as a person and a creator. His passion for design and working with various textures and unusual natural or historical materials and inspiring photography define his style.

Functionality is never compromised in his works, yet he pushes boundaries with detail, continually upgrading and raising the bar.

Projects include:

SEKKA DINING BAR – the original venue in Hirafu ski village

SEKKA STYLE – a portfolio of award-winning homes in Niseko

ZABORIN – a luxurious ryokan that opened in Hanazono in 2015

SEKKA LAB –  an ongoing project which will end up becoming a combination of restaurant, cafe, lounge bar and soon to be opened condominium apartments.

SOMOZA – a 150 year old relocated farmhouse that is home to an art gallery, cafe, tea room and restaurant